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Upcoming Events/Fundraisers

January 29th - February 9th : Valentine's Candy Grams 

February 2nd : Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Valentine's Dance (donations needed)

      : Honor Roll Breakfast for 5th-8th Grade (donations needed)

February 9th : 3rd to 5th Grade Valentine's Dance (donations needed)

February 12th - 14th : Central Elementary Scholastic's Book Fair (volunteers needed)

February 16th : No School

February 19th : No School 

February 23rd : Axe'em Out Adult Night Out - 8th Grade Fundraiser

March 1st - 15th : 2nd Annual Read-A-Thon

March 15th : Artstitution Paint & Sip Adult Night - 8th Grade Fundraiser

TBD : Spirit Wear Store

TBD : GMMS Read Across America 

Code of Conduct


  1. Any Parent, Officer, Teacher, or Administrator whose conduct is not consistent with these guidelines may be cautioned by the PTO President or School Administrator Official.
  2. The Code of Conduct is put into place to support and maintain the PTO and ensure civil, safe, secure, supportive, and disciplined meetings, events take place on or off school grounds. Prevent the occurrence of problem behaviors.  Establish parameters for the intervention and remediation of problem individual behaviors at all stages of identification. And allow parameters for the PTO Officers to respond to violations of the Code of Conduct and be able to address the severity of the offenses.
  3. The Executive Board shall develop, adopt, disseminate, and implement a code of conduct that establishes standards, policies, and procedures for positive Parent, Teacher, Administrator and Officer behavioral expectations on school grounds during PTO meetings, and events.
    1. The Executive board shall review; including but not limited to prevention, intervention, and remediation of individual conduct that violates this Article.  The Board will update the Code of Conduct Article prior to the first (1st) meeting of the current school year.
    2. The Code of Conduct will be signed by all incoming officers at the meeting they are sworn in. If any changes to the code of conduct are made at the time of review the current officers will sign a new copy at the first (1st) meeting of the current school year.
    3. The Code of Conduct will be presented to all members at the first (1st) meeting of the current school year and be listed on our website for all members to access
  4. PTO members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible nature in all situations where they are a representation of the PTO.
  5. All Board and Committee members are required to uphold a high degree of integrity with students, parents, staff, and administration.  Including:
    1. Fosters a culture that incorporates parents, teachers, school administration and other Board members interests as a key value, focusing on the PTO’s Mission.
    2. Maintains a vision and commitment to improvement. Keeping an open mind to new and different ways of thinking to maintain improvements.
    3. Always upholds and demonstrates high standards of personal ethics and professional conduct, treats all individuals with dignity and respect despite differences.
    4. Ability to encourage teamwork, cooperation and collaboration within the PTO and school community working towards common goal achievement.
    5. Ability to provide timely and concise information to others
    6. Solutions are based on logical assumptions and factual information with consideration to resources, constraints and goals
    7. You must never use your position, influence, and knowledge of confidential school or board information for personal gain or in lieu of personal agendas
  6. Meetings/Events
    1. Foul or abusive language is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate ejection from any PTO meeting. If an individual is unable to refrain from obeying an officer's warning (using foul language or making derogatory remarks to anyone involved in the PTO meeting) the PTO President may suspend the meeting until the individual leaves the meeting.  If the individual refuses to leave the meeting, the PTO President may adjourn the meeting.  If further action is required, the police will be called for assistance.  If the disruptive individual is an Officer or Administrator, additional sanctions will occur depending on the circumstances.
    2. Aggressive or threatening behavior will result in immediate removal from all PTO related meetings and events.
      1. First offense will result in a 30 days suspension from all PTO related activity
      2. Second offense will result in the removal from all PTO related activities for the remainder of the current school year.
      3. Third offense will result in permanent removal from being able to volunteer or participate in any PTO activities for the remainder of your children's time at GMRSD.
    1. Acting on behalf of the PTO in poor manor will result in being removed from your chairperson or volunteer positions.
    2. Any violation to the code of conduct will prohibit you from holding an officer or chairperson position. The duration will be determined at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  7. Removal Protocol for Meetings: Each PTO Officer or School Administrator has the power to request an individual remove themselves from a meeting.  Once a removal request has been made at a meeting the PTO President will adjourn the meeting until the situation has been resolved.  Once the member has been removed the PTO President will restart the meeting. 
  8. Removal Protocol for Events:  Each PTO Officer or School Administrator has the power and authority to remove an individual from a PTO event/activity whether on school grounds or at a separate venue if they feel the code of conduct has been broken.
  9. Harassment, intimidation, and bullying defined as communicating with an individual for the purpose of frightening, intimidating and/or causing substantial emotional distress to an individual by repeated communication will not be tolerated at all and will result in immediate removal of all participation of any kind within any and all PTO umbrellaed activities.
    1. Any harassment, intimidation or bullying committed by anyone against another parent, officer, or administrator can be reported, verbally and/or in writing to GMRSDPTO@gmail.com. If you wish to stay anonymous your identity will be kept unknown when the situation is addressed at a PTO meeting. However, there may be certain circumstances where anonymity cannot be guaranteed.
  10. GMRSD PTO Executive Members may have to take disciplinary action against individuals who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow our Code of Conduct. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the violation.
    1. Possible consequences include: 
      1. Demotion
      2. Reprimand
      3. Suspension or termination from events or meetings related to the GMRSD PTO (for more serious offenses)
  11. We may take legal action in cases of corruption, theft, embezzlement or other unlawful behavior.


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